Advertising With Custom Car Wraps

Posted on 30th October 2010 in Car Decals For Your Business

If you are a businessman looking for a new market strategy to boost your product sales, then using custom car wraps on your company vehicles can do the trick. This has become a proven method of advertising for quite some time now.

You can advertise brands, merchandise and services using a mobile means of device. As your vehicle moves around town, it will be like a moving billboard that a huge number of people will see. Its colorful and attractive designs are made in such a way as to catch attention and your target customers will surely be paying attention to what you have to say through your slogans and signage.

Custom Car Wraps Are Durable

Having these installed in your vehicles is easy. But first you will have to choose what type of materials you would like to use on your car. The cast vinyl is a durable sticker that could last for up to 5 years, but it could bequite expensive. The calendar vinyl car decals on the other hand are cheaper, costing about half the price of its cast vinyl counterpart, but it could only last for a few years. Both types look good however, having shiny and glossy designs that are attention grabber wherever you go.

If you choose to have your vehicle completely wrapped in the cast vinyl decal, it could cost you around $2,000. If you prefer the calendar vinyl wrap on the other hand, you can save for up to 50% of the cost. So it really depends on your purpose and how long you intend to advertise a particular kind of product or service. Some advertisers find the cheaper kind of wraps more practical as advertising methods are changed quite quickly anyway. New ideas and more catchy slogans are born thereby requiring some updating on promotional methods as well.

Custom Car Wraps Are Effective

So choose and design your custom car wraps now and see how effective it is in promoting your company’s merchandise, goods and services. Some have testified to having immediate phone calls from customers as soon as the business started with the mobile product campaign using car graphics. You can experience the same success with your business in no time too, with custom car wraps.

Best Places to Buy Car Decals

Posted on 30th October 2010 in Car Decals

If you are searching to buy Car decals then you must realize that car decals have now become very powerful tools in marketing and fashion. Many businesses are now utilizing the commanding presence of having vehicles that are loaded with custom made car graphics to promote many different products and services. Fashionistas and trendsetters on the other hand are using these stickers on their cars to express themselves and their views in various ways and means.

There are many different car stickers to choose from and the sizes vary too. If you visit you will find a wide variety of graphics that are beautiful and eye-catching. Prices vary, depending on the size, design and materials used; but you can buy car decals for as low as 70 cents. You can purchase the Hibiscus Flower decal at $1.25 per piece; this can be used on any vehicle, notebook, or any other smooth surface for that matter. This white-colored flower measures 4 x 4.5 inches and weighs around 3 ounces. It is made from vinyl materials that are durable in any type of weather condition. You can place this on the hood of your car to add a touch of class to its appearance.

Another type of graphics that is popular in the power sports industry is the Pilot Automotive Blue Dragon Lethal Threat design. This measures 2 x 10 inches and is priced at $9.99. This high quality sticker is also made of vinyl and is guaranteed to be fade-resistant even if exposed to extreme weather conditions. It even comes with a clear coating that can be applied on the sticker after placing it on your vehicle. And as with all graphics, this also comes with a step by step instruction on how to install it on your car.

Buy Car Decals That Have Flare

If you really want to issue a bold statement though you can buy car decals that have so flare, get the Subaru Rally Side Graphics which costs $64.99. This measures 18 x 84 inches and comes in a set of two for each side of your car. It weighs approximately 3 pounds as it is made from 3M materials which are notably strong and durable that the company guarantees up to 7 years of life for the decals. It comes with a set of instructions on how to install it using wet installation process; this is a very easy procedure that you can do by yourself. Available colors include black, red, blue, green, gold, silver and many others.

Buy Car Decals Online

So go ahead and buy car decals online today and experience a whole new adventure with your car. Give your vehicle a new personality that will make it stand out from the rest as you travel the streets in high gear when you buy car decals online.