Special Hunting Decals For Fathers Day

Posted on 12th May 2010 in Car Decals

What better gift to purchase for your special dad or male role model in your life this Fathers Day, but a fun and sporty Hunting Decal for your dad’s vehicle. There are many different styles and types of decals for you to choose from if your dad engages in the sport of hunting.

Take for instance those humorous hunting decals that tell it all. Such as the decal that lets the whole world know that their wife is not too happy about the fact that hunting has priority over her. How about the decal that states the three most important factors of the hunter’s life saying, “Eat, Sleep, Hunt”? If your dad is the humorous type, then a funny decal with the animal he enjoys hunting is the perfect gift.

Deer or elk antlers tend to be one of the more popular deer hunting decals and come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colors.  The Browning Deer Hunting Decal is a clean and neat sticker that you dad will enjoy. Show casing two deer heads in a modern type of drawing that almost looks like flames, this decal is sure to please even the pickiest dad.

Now that bow hunting has hit a new interest for the hunter, there are new bow decals to choose from. Some include the hunter with his bow drawn ready to fire; others are advertisements for specific bow brands. If you dad is just beginning to learn to bow hunt, this is one the hunting window decals he is sure to enjoy.

You cannot think of hunting without including the dog. Mans best friend is also his hunting partner, especially if you are hunting for any type of bird. The lab is the most popular dog for this type of hunting and is most often the type of dog sticker found for those looking for duck hunting decals. Shadow type decals that picture the dogs head and part of his neck are usually large and placed in the center back window of the truck. The dog decal is a great looking decal that will make any dog owner proud.

The sticker with the cross hairs of a scope directly aimed at one particular animal is another decal perfect for the avid hunter. Or perhaps your hunter thinks they have the perfect shooting aim and they would prefer a large bull eye on their window. These offer a different view of the hunting aspect and focus more on the skills of the hunter verses the animal its self.

There are decorative hunting decals that show intricate decal or plain and simple car decals that just get the point across. If you are searching for the perfect decal for your dad, brother, father-in–law or any male in your life that enjoys hunting, then may I suggest that you begin your search online. There are many informative websites that will give you an idea of what is available as well as many that offer great pricing. So get out there today before you run out of time and order hunting truck decals for your special person this Fathers Day.

Make a Statement with Car Decal Stickers

Posted on 19th January 2010 in Car Decals

There is much to be said while driving down the road and you notice that the car in front of you has car decal stickers that are somewhat quite absurd, funny or intellectual.  These small bursts of sayings, graphics or drawings have the ability to change our mood for the better or worse for the rest of the day.

While driving around town and taking notice of the various decals that car owners stick to their bumper or window I have been amazed that there are so many who are extremely adamant about a particular subject and are completely unreserved in letting the whole world know how they feel. For instance car decals displaying a particular controversial subject can be found plastered all over a vehicle. It is almost as if the driver should just mount a speaker to the top of the roof of the vehicle shouting out their message!

Other car sticker decals are so humorous that they leave you with a smile on your face that continues through out the rest of the day. These decals are truly the best out on the market because there are times when humor is the only thing that can clear your mind and give you the best medicine, laughter.

The car decal is also a great way to advertise a business, group, league, church or other event where you would like others to join or attend. These custom decals have proven to be quite effective in achieving positive results. There are many local graphic or decal stores that can create the decal for your event or group for a reasonable cost.

There are so many options to choose from if you have been contemplating whether or not you would like to add car decal stickers to your car. Taking a trip to your local decal shop or searching for the perfect decal at an online store, you will be sure to find the one that will make a statement with the message you are trying to portray.