Stick People Decals

Posted on 4th August 2009 in Car Window Decals

Have you noticed lately that we are becoming a society that feels some kind of need to express ourselves on our vehicles. It seems like every where you turn the vehicle next to you has car decals on its windows, bumpers, windshield and even the side panels. One that I am seeing more than ever is the stick people decals. These decals seems to be today’s replacement of the yellow baby on board plaques that we used to see in the late 80’s.

This is a growing business and has taken the country by storm. Just do a search online and you will be blown away by the amount of manufactures selling stick people decals. Statistics show that this business is not slowing down either. Aaron Ellsworth, vice-president of marketing for Woodland Manufacturing in Meridian, Idaho, runs a company that makes family stickers and believes that this trend is true. “I think the trend for personalization has grown,” said Aron “Ive watched it grow over the past 10 years. Id say its really grown even more in the past four or five years.”

Today car window decals are made from high quality vinyl. The vinyl, that is used to manufacture these decals, is completely weather proof, UV resistant, and will not flake or peel. These decals are made with adhesive tape on the back side of the decal so the they can be applied to the windows or your cars surface. The beauty of car decals, is if you ever want to take them off they will not destroy your cars paint in the process.

The options for stick people decals are many. There are many different shapes, sizes, body types, and ages available. Some of the options are, Adults, Teens, Preteens, Children, Toddlers, Babies, Pets, and Old People just to mention a few. There are even some online manufactures that will allow you to purchase your own custom design. Some allow you to have decals made with your name underneath it or even your own custom stick figure. Just the other day my wife had one made for my father in law for  around $10.00. It was a stick figure of an old man with a cane, ( I think he feels that this decal will help him pick up hot chicks). Whatever the case may be, you are sure to find stick people decals that suite your lifestyle.

Advertising With Car Magnets

Posted on 14th July 2009 in Car Decals For Your Business

Another option to advertise for your business without committing to the more permanent option of car decals, is choosing magnetic signs. Magnetic signs can be a very effective advertising tool, with an abundance of options. We all remember the black and white magnets that you would see stuck to cars and trucks as you would drive around town. Well times have changed and the boring black and white magnets are a thing of the past.

High quality, computer generated, full color graphics have now taking the place of the old black and white magnets. The designs and colors are endless and are sure to attract your customers attention. Gone are the boring bullet points of what your company offers that no one can read when you drive by. Now keep it simple and  attract your potential customers by being able to show them what you do. This not only has been  proven to be more effective way to advertise but also quickly tells your customer what you are about.
You might be thinking what are the benefits to using car magnets over car decals. Car door magnets are completely portable. You can remove the car magnetic anytime you like. Whether you need to take them off for the weekend or prefer to have them removed from your vehicle after work hours, it is up to you. If you drive multiple vehicles to work during the week , you have the option of swapping you car magnets to your other vehicle. Auto magnets also are  a very cost effective way of getting your company’s message and information to a large potential customer base. For as  little as $28.00 you can get a pair of magnets that are 30 mill thick and 12inches x 24 inches in size. To make it even easier a lot a online manufactures have an easy to use design tool that will let you create your own custom designs right online. The bottom line is investing in a  car magnet has are proven to be a very effective way of advertising that leaves you with flexibility, and wont hurt the pocket book.

Before you order your magnets make sure you measure the area where they will be placed and measure right! This cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving your car magnets and they don’t fit.  Also when measuring make note if there is any molding where the signs will be placed. Your car door may look like it is large enough to fit a big custom car magnet, but if the molding is in the way you are not going to be able to use the whole space.

Start looking at your vehicles as an advertising means for your business. Whether you customize your ride using car magnets,  car window decals, or complete custom car decals get started today and watch your business reap the benefits!