Things to Consider When Buying Car Window Stickers

Posted on 15th January 2010 in Car Window Decals

There are many car window stickers to choose from and making a final decision can be quite difficult. Before you make your final decision there are a few items that you may want to consider before purchasing and applying the sticker to your window.


Let’s say you have found the sticker you have always been looking for at an online store and you are going to purchase the sticker. Before you pay for the sticker, shipping costs, taxes and packaging please consider the size of the sticker you are purchasing. This may be the sticker of your dreams, but it may not fit in the area that you intend on placing it. It would be best to pre-measure the area you plan on applying the decal to. Getting an exact measurement and application area that you can apply the sticker to will help you make the final purchase. Correctly measuring the area where the sticker will be applied can be achieved with the help of a tape measure and masking tape. Once you have the area measured out, be sure to record your findings just incase it takes you some time to find the perfect decal for your vehicle.


For some individuals the matter of cost for purchasing your car decal is not an issue. For others the cost factor in today’s economy is a concern for many. The price tag of a sticker can vary tremendously. From one dollar to hundreds of dollars, the amount can be all over the board. Basically you have to determine what the value of the sticker may mean to you and the price you are willing to pay. Each one of us has a certain set of values for specific items that we are willing to pay a pre-determined price for. If you feel the sticker is well worth it, than you will probably purchase it. If you feel that the price is too high, keep shopping elsewhere and you will probably find a sticker that is comparable to the first one you considered.


Visibility is extremely important when considering a car window sticker for your vehicle. Not only is it pertinent that there is visibility out the window for you to see other cars and pedestrians, your local law enforcement may be shining their bright pretty lights in your direction to get a closer look at your decal as well. If you are hesitant at all with the fact that your decal may be too large or may be a violation of the law, please check with your local police department rules for window visibility regulations. The traffic ticket may add more to your sticker price than you would have thought.

Application and Removal

Applying your sticker can be a real issue, especially if you have chosen a large and difficult sticker. If you are a do it yourselfer and you are operating solo applying the sticker can turn into a complete disaster if the correct steps are not taken. Once you have the sticker ready to be applied, enlist a friend or family member to aide you in the process. Or if you think the application should involve a professional, do not hesitant to pay someone to do it for you. One other item you should preconceive is the removal of the sticker. Will the sticker cause damage if removed from the area you are applying the sticker? If there is any reason to believe it will, consult a professional for help and choose another area for the car decals to be applied.

Car window stickers are a great option allowing you to add personalization to your vehicle. There are so many options to choose from that making a final decision on the perfect one may time some time. Remember to take the few items listed above into consideration before you make your final purchase. Now get out there and find the decal of your dreams!

The Rebirth Of Car Decals

Posted on 2nd July 2009 in Car Decals

The re-birth of car decals has begun. Decals were first used in Europe in 1876 and named, “Popular Demand”. During this time there were only 300 decal designs available. By 1878 there were 10,000 designs created! This period became known as “Decalcomania” or actual word, “decal”. This word was short for the French word “Decalquer” which means to copy by tracing. In 1894 the United States of America began printing car decals for Americans. When the 1960s rolled along car decals became a huge hit in the automobile industry.

Over the decades car graphics have dramatically changed. Not only have the styles changed, but the production and application has too. Car decals in the past were made of products that over time would flake off and peel. Now they are made from vinyl materials that extend the life of the vinyl decals making it a more desirable purchase. Past auto decals choices were limited and only a few designs were available to the customer. Today the choices are virtuously endless.

Not only are auto decals available for race cars, school buses, kit cars, sport cars, and business vehicles, but they are for the average Joe driving any vehicle. They can be applied to the hood, side panel, bumper, or the windshield and can vary from simple stripes, unique flames and designs, to complete digitally printed vehicle wraps. The car graphics process  immediately transforms your vehicle leaving you with a complete and fresh new look .

One of most popular vinyl graphic car decal is the “Stick Family Decal”. These stick people decals come in a wide variety to reach every family who wants to personalize their car. You have the choice to choose from a variety of style, shapes and sizes. The attractive part about the family car  decals, is being able to personalize your own stick figure with your name or message. There are many website companies out there that carry these car window stickers that allow you to place your order online and have a new personalized look for your car within days!

Car Decals Have Changed


If you have a really great design that you want for your vehicle you can have it made into a car decal. Most local sign stores can take your idea or drawing and make into a vinyl decal. Some may require that your drawing be saved into a certain computer format. Please check with them before you spend the time on a project and have to re-do it because it was in the wrong format. Most require a jpeg. or tiff. format.

Car Decals Personalize Your Ride

Decals personalize your ride. Some people like certain stickers to voice their opinion about a certain subject, such as Christian car decals. Others like designs because they are attractive and add color or style to their car. There are also other types of auto decals that recognize and honor people, such as “In Memory” or “Military” or “War” decals. These decals are very meaningful to the owner of the vehicle.  Choosing that special car sticker will add the personalization you are looking for. Friends will even recognize your truck decals as you are driving thru town.

Customizing your ride will make your car different than the average car that has just been driven off of the local car dealership lot. One decal can tell you a lot about the owner. So as you search for the perfect auto decal remember you are showing those who see your car decal who you are!

Obviously you are interested in a decal for your car, truck or van and you have come across this website! I hope that you will find this site helpful and enjoyable in your search for the perfect car decals for your vehicle.