Increase Your Sales With Car Decals

Posted on 14th July 2009 in Car Decals For Your Business

Car wraps have exploded on the market today and are perfect for promoting your business. No longer are car decals dull and limited to black and white lettering. Car graphics can range anywhere from plain lettering to absolute works of art. The options available are virtually endless due to the computer technology that makes it possible today. Whether your goal is to advertize for a short term campaign or a long term mobile advertisement solution  you may definitely want to consider car graphics.

Custom car decals can be used to describe your business and solicit new customers just by driving around town. A business name and phone number can catch the eye of the driver behind you or beside you and wha-la, instant advertisement at a low cost! Businesses are finding out that you can reach thousands of  potential customers at a lower cost per impression than any other form of advertising available on the market today. If you are tired in investing lots of money into advertisements and not seeing a return, give car wraps a try. Advertising your business on your vehicle can also qualify you for a tax write off as well. So not only are you advertising where ever your vehicle is going, you are saving money on your taxes! It is a win-win situation.

Some businesses are even paying car owners to put car wraps on their cars. The owner of the vehicle gets paid to transform their ride into a mobile billboard. This allows the business to have a fleet of cars on the road for the sheer purpose of advertising. The beauty of vinyl decals is that they can be removed after four weeks or four years without causing damage to the original paint job on your vehicle. This gives you flexibility, unlike having a custom paint job and being stuck with it forever! This means
for a small fee you can change your cars image anytime you like.

As far as maintenance is concern as long as you are not using a wire brush to wash your car, decals  for cars are going to last a long time. The recommendation is to hand wash your car with a soft cloth and towel dry. This will leave your graphics looking like new.

If you have a business and you are looking for new alternative ways of advertising, auto wraps are worth investing in.  Get your vehicles wrapped today and watch your phone ring off the hook as you drive down the road with your new car decals!