Questions You May Have About Car Graphics

Posted on 4th November 2009 in Car Decals For Your Business

A lot of questions arise when you begin considering  applying Car Graphics to your vehicle. Since vehicle graphics are a newer product on the market, the public as a whole have not been educated on the whys and how’s of this extremely unique product.

What does it cost to apply a graphic to my vehicle?

With each of us concerned about the cost during this economic time, the question about cost is for most important. Depending upon the car graphics you choose for your ride will depend a lot upon the price. If you desire custom custom car graphics then they will need to be drawn by a graphics designer or if you have experience you can do this your self. This will understandably no doubt cost you a significant amount more than graphics that are already pre made and ready for application. Another variable is the retail store you choose to have install the graphics. A lot of times you to find a significant price difference amongst the competing graphic installers. Getting a price estimates at various locations may prove to be beneficial to your pocketbook.

How is the graphic applied to my car?

This is a really great question since most people are worried about the paint on their vehicle acquiring damage from the graphic adhesive. There is no need to worry about the graphic application ruining the existing paint on your vehicle. The graphic is made up of a durable material that can be safely removed once it is no longer needed or wanted. There are several methods that can be used to apply the graphic to your vehicle. First determine the type of graphic you have and follow the suggested installation guides. If your graphic is small, installation can be done within minutes, for larger graphics be sure to set aside adequate time for proper installation. There are two methods that can be used to apply the graphics and that is the wet or dry method. Check online for the best method and complete installation instructions for your particular graphic.

Custom Car Graphics for your Business

If you are a business owner then you realize the importance of advertising your business services. By installing car graphics on your fleet of company vehicles, you are able to gain exposure and display your company’s message while driving through town. Detailed information about your business such as the services you provide, phone numbers, address or license numbers can be transformed into a eye catching custom graphic. Since business advertising is a tax write off, the cost you paid for the graphic can be deducted when completing your yearly taxes.

Now that you have a better understanding about car graphics and custom car graphics. Put your knowledge to work and begin today by searching online and ordering your own car graphics for your vehicle.