Christian Car Decals

Posted on 26th October 2009 in Car Window Decals

Christian Car Decals are quite the rage.  Almost everywhere you turn you will find cars that are sporting some sort of decal with a Christian message. Christians and evangelism should go hand and hand and what a concept to be able to witness via a decal sporting a Christian message.

We have all seen the cars with the fish on the back window that symbolizes the early Christians and the sign they posted to identify other Christians.  With a Christian Car Decal you can let others know what you believe and who you are.  Just don’t be caught participating in road rage or waving the fingered flag of friendliness with a NOW sticker plastered on the tailgate of your truck.  That would not be a good witness.

Several different companies provide car decals that have a Christian message.  You can purchase just about any religious message that is popular today at Christian bookstores and coffee shops.  One of the most popular car decal you would find in the recent past was the saying WWJD or What Would Jesus Do?  It was seen on vehicles of all types and the message quickly spread to the mainstream with people asking themselves in times of temptation WWJD?

Cars go many places and with Christian car window decals whatever message you want to promote can go with you.  The early church spread the message in an era that did not have any form of modern technology that we now have access to.  In fact it was said of them that they turned the world upside down.  Are we turning the world upside down with our message?  Does the bumper sticker, that car decal you were so proud to place on your car, reflect who you are or is it just something that you thought looked good on your car window?

When you sport a NOW, Not of This World window car decal, make sure you try and live up to what you are promoting with those Christian car decals.