Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

Posted on 30th October 2010 in Car Decals For Your Business

Car wrap advertising is one of the proven methods of boosting sales in any kind of business. A dramatic increase in customers is greatly observed as the mobile means of promotion is carried out into the streets.
One of its many benefits is that it looks so good that people will think that it’s painted on your vehicle’s body when it is just a wrapping that is usually done in just a few hours. And it’s easy to maintain too, as the designs remain naturally glossy even without waxing of buffing. Moreover, it actually protects your car from harmful elements like UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

You can choose from two types of custom car wraps; the cast vinyl wrap or the calendar type vinyl. The cast vinyl kind of decal is a higher form of wrapping as it uses high quality film on your vehicle. The calendar vinyl on the other hand almost looks the same as the cast vinyl type but is not as durable and protective as this has a slightly thinner material coating; it fades away and chips easily as compared to the higher quality material of a cast vinyl.

Car wraps are also more affordable and practical nowadays compared to whole body painting. You can have your car or small SUV fully wrapped for about $2,000. Larger SUVs and trucks could cost around $4,000; and buses and trailer type vehicles could cost about $6,000. These quotes are based on the cast type vinyl which tends to be a little pricey because of the superior quality in its vinyl material. If you want to cut back on your expenses, then go for the calendar vinyl wherein you can save to up to 50% in your expenses. You also have the option of just having your car partially wrapped instead of completely wrapped to minimize the cost. Putting lettering and spot graphics on different areas of your vehicle could only cost you about $200 to $500. You can even have window graphics on your cars or trucks as these make very attractive designs.

You can surf the web for the best designers and vendors of car wrap advertising. You can even give your own input and ideas on a particular project if you like. You can have an online meeting with a car decals designer and see how your custom designs are being made and give first hand instructions and suggestions for the task. Your next advertising will prove to be more effectual and successful as you go mobile in your marketing methods.

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