Applying Custom Window Decals To Your Vehicle

Posted on 19th January 2010 in Tips and Tricks

If you are considering Custom Window Decals for you car or truck applying them correctly is extremely important. There are many factors to consider before you apply the decal to your window if it is to be done correctly, the first time.

Always keep in mind that glass is an extremely smooth and is affected by current temperature, installation can be quite tricky. Manufacture recommendation for graphics installed on glass not be applied when the air surface temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the graphic is applied during temperatures near the 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the adhesion on the sticker will not stick properly.

The first step when applying a custom window decal is to prepare the glass for the decal application. Thoroughly cleaning the complete area with an isopropyl alcohol is the best product to ensure that the area is cleaned correctly and that the life of the adhesion will last longer.

Once you have mapped out the area where you will be applying the graphic and the area is cleaned, apply the graphic to the window with masking tape at the corners of the sticker. Dry application is recommended by most window graphic manufactures, wet application may cause small water bubbles underneath the graphic during the application process.

Begin at the top middle of the graphic and slowly peel back the backing of the graphic. Once you are ready to begin, start by using a low-friction sleeve on the plastic applicator of the squeegee to help remove bubbles and to prevent scratching the graphic during the application process. Slowly maneuvering the squeegee in a continuous back and forth gentle motion double checking with each stroke that air has not been trapped underneath the graphic will allow for mistakes to be corrected immediately.

When the Car graphic has been applied completely on the window, double check the edges and seams if any for gaps to prevent water and dirt from entering underneath the graphic. By applying an edge sealer to the graphic after application will prevent the edges from turning up and can minimalize problems in the future.

After this process you can stand back and take a long look at the end result of your Car Window Decals that you carefully chose and installed for your vehicle. Knowing that you accomplished the task of installing the graphics on your own vehicle you can be proud of your hard work.