Choosing Flame Decals For Your Vehicle

Posted on 15th January 2010 in Car Decals

There are many who are infatuated with flames for just about anything and everything they can get a flame design on. One of the most common seen are flame decals on vehicles. There are so many different styles, colors and designs for flames that there is not one alike but all can be recognized as a flame. What makes the flame so special? Why do many hot rodders apply the flame to the hood of the car or truck? These questions are just a few that have been a hot topic over the years and each has a different answer due to the individuality of personal preferences.

Webster’s Dictionary defines flames as a bright coloring or a streak or patch of color. It also describes it as an intense ardor, zeal or passion. These two descriptions truly answer the questions asked above of the flame and why a person feels so passionate about them.
There are so many options that choosing the right one for your vehicle can become quite complicated. Where do you begin the process of choosing? There are some car graphic companies that have special means to help you find the flame colors that will match perfectly with your vehicle. A color tip chart can help you decide what colors within the flame decals will match best with the outside paint color, interior major and minor colors of your vehicle.

Flame decals are available in a variety of multi-colors or they also can be found in a single color as well. Many unique flame graphics have a semi-transparent base that creates several different color shifts within the flame allowing a smooth look with your vehicles color. This allows the color of your vehicle to show thru the decals giving the appearance that the flames are blending and rising out of your paint color as though each individual flame was airbrushed on the vehicle.

There is no one perfect way that the flames appearance has to be applied to your vehicle. In today’s market there are horizontal and vertical flames to reach the area you desire to place flames on your car. Most flames are typically found near or around the engine area to give the onlooker the appearance that the vehicle is so fast and bad that there are flames protruding out of the hood.

Choosing the best flame decals for your car, truck, van or motorcycle is really depending upon the style and colors you desire. Now that the options available are many, finding the right one can be accomplished but may take time due to the overabundance amount of choices to be purchased.