The Car People Decals Explosion

Posted on 9th October 2009 in Car Window Decals

If you drive anywhere, you have seen them looking back at you. Little stick people. Car people decals have started popping up faster than the old “Baby on Board” signs. These cute, decorative touches to your window are more than just a fad. They have evolved into a major market. There is a car people decal population explosion, which makes the Baby Boomers look like nothing. What is it about these adorable little stickers, to have pushed them out onto every highway and byway?

Just as we choose a color for our car, we always try to express something about ourselves. We want others to know something about us, on a deep psychological level. These stickers tell drivers all around us a great deal. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, even pets are drawn out in a stick figure family tree. It is a matter of showing people your family, without getting too personal. Anyone can buy a bumper sticker, or a little suction cup cat to stick in the window, the car people decals allow us to customize our cars to our own unique style.

It is not just stick people any more. Now they have fish of different sizes to represent the various family members, they have sandals, crosses, and anything that can be imagined is quickly appearing in the back windows of cars, everywhere. The stick people decals remain the most popular. Even they have changed though. No longer are they just standing there, with that well-known smile. They now promote other businesses, by wearing hats that look like mouse ears. They now have wind board riding figures, stick figures on bikes, stick figures reading. You could create an entire household scene, with all the options available to you. People are even naming their stick figure families and pets.

Car decals are not very expensive ways of personalizing your vehicles either. For three to six dollars a person, depending on size, you can show your stick figure family off to those around you. vanAdd text for a little more, or even by a family set at a discount. Some of the decals that display some sort of event, like soccer, bike riding, reading are a bit more expensive, but not normally over ten dollars. You can even have custom car decals made, however these are far more expensive, and are not often used because you can make your own unique family with the decals that already exist.

These car people decals are a wonderful way of expressing yourself. They stand out as unique as your family is. For many, these stickers are a source of pride and display of love they have for the family they have.

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